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Chloroprene rubber is not only used for molding and extruding, but also adhesive based applications.  Here in the USA, we often think of “Neoprene” as that soft and comfy wet suit material- certainly, we do here at Wealth Ocean, as we’re based in sunny southern California with year-round beaches!

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Adhesives using neoprene rubber have continued to grow in the market, especially in footwear. Neoprene continues to show increased demand globally, with an estimated 6.3% CAGR in the period of 2018-2024, according to this report.

What are some common adhesive products that use neoprene, you might ask? Here’s an exhaustive list:

Water based, or water-based polychloroprene adhesives
-Solvent based, or solvent-based polychloroprene adhesives
-Neoprene adhesives, synthetic rubber adhesives
-Water based neoprene adhesives
-Solvent based neoprene adhesives
-Chloroprene contact cement
-Synthetic rubber adhesives
-Footwear adhesive, or shoe glue
-Chloroprene dispersion adhesives
-Polychloroprene dispersion adhesives
-Polychloroprene contact cement

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